Furygan. All the equipment of the motorcycle Furygan brand is on automotoracing FURYGAN motorcyclefurygan jacket, furygan gloves, motorcycle boots will improve your equipment biker!

Automotoracing up with a range of equipment Furygan motorcycle, furygan jacket, furygan pants, furygan motorcycle gloves, back, knee, neck, backpack ...

Furygan company

For 40 years, Furygan dresses and protects bikers, whether they ride sports roadsters, customs... or more and more scooters. We imagine our clothes so they fit in you in your daily life, faithful accomplices in your trips, tireless fighters, partners of your galleys, in the autumnal rain, the freezing cold winter or the sun of long summer days. Furygan offers in any case, maximum protection for the unexpected. Your life insurance in some way !

Furygan equipment

Like you, we like to cut the road, swallowing up the miles, sharing our bikes, taste differences, talk about it endlessly, during the coffee breaks... get your fill of sensations and emotions so that the asphalt road becomes a large picture book. When one spends hours riding a motorcycle, every detail counts: the Velcro well placed to avoid irritating the beard, the flap, which prohibits the stream of air, the pocket handy for the toll ticket, the one which is accessible but secured to slip the laptop or the credit card... our first customers are working at Furygan, they are bikers on a daily basis and are very demanding, forcing us to do even more. Their trial is ruthless. They have a responsibility to deliver an irreproachable product on the market, for the love of a brand which they are proud of and which is illustrated in the weekend competition. They have their business in the skin, because only the satisfaction of the client validates our work. What Furygan men and women do every day, they do it for you !Again this year, it is on the protection that Furygan focuses in partnership with leading research labs such as the British D3O Technology. The objective is clear: to offer you maximum comfort with maximum safety. New technologies appear with materials capable of absorbing shocks with an incredible efficiency at the time of the impact while being forgotten in everyday life, allowing us to create performance clothing, stylish and comfortable. But that's not all.


Our obsession for perfection drove us to engage a deep review of our collection. After months of tests during which our Motin Lab has tortured all our products, we are proud to offer you the first complete range of gears completly in line with the most severe european certifications. A world premiere that we dedicate to you. Abrasion, cut, tearing, ergonomie, impact... Because we are developping and manufacturing your second skin, all our jackets, trousers and gloves have passed the tests successfully. And each one of them can be fixed, if needed, after a crash for example, in our factory in Nîmes. This know-how, this guarantee to get a high level of quality, and this quick and efficient after-sales service have made, since 1969, the reputation of Furygan.

Discover the world of the Furygan's Panther! Certified Quality!