Esquad E-Strong blue jean (2011)

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Hi-Tech Esquad E-Strong blue jeans will be specially appreciated by those who always dreamed to ride their motorcycle well protected but without neglecting style.
/ Their blend of cotton and technical fibers, the Armalith fabric, allows a better protection against abrasion than nylon trousers. In fact they have the same anti-abrasive properties than a leather one. Meta-aramid internal inserts protects from fusion of the fabric in case of extended exposure.
/ Their ergonomic fitting makes them pretty comfortable whatever your riding position. / Esquad E-Strong motorcycle jeans are proposed in three length sizes (short ,medium and large).
/ Please pay attention: the models proposed are not the 2009 series model (first generation).
Name Esquad E-Strong blue jean (2011)
Materials Not specified
Colour blue
Brand Esquad
Price €254.00

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